Case Study: Email Marketing Challenge Solved

Case Study: Email Marketing Challenge Solved


A B2B company approached CodeBru with a problem: they had embraced email marketing as the new standard of communicating their message, but the promised leads weren’t materializing.  They needed a targeted, measurable way to utilize the cost effective familiarity of email marketing while still leveraging these efforts into conversions. How could they make sure they had the right group of email audience, the right wording and design of their message, and the right practices for monitoring how their communications were translating into sales?




After discussing the coverage gaps within the client’s current email marketing strategy, CodeBru utilized its proven UX approach to implement an email campaign designed to get results.  The client’s expectations were met when CodeBru delivered the following to spec:

  • Establishment of desired audience: marketing directors at companies with 10 – 100 employees, startups with at least 100K in funding
  • Data mining contacts to reach desired audience
  • Writing and optimizing email copy
  • Testing email content to attain open rates of over 50%, and response rates over 10%
  • Clearing out poor prospects
  • Communicating curated prospects to client



CodeBru was able to deliver to client at least 50 qualified leads per month, of which an average of 20 were closed per month, while meeting their goal of sending out over 1000 emails per week. 

CodeBru understands the challenge posed by email marketing – how to get customers to open emails, read the content, and convert into a sale based on the experience? Generalized email blasts aren’t effective, but crafting a streamlined email campaign and analyzing the results are often an unsustainable drain to clients taking it on themselves. CodeBru takes the burden email marketing off clients, so they can focus on their core business.  CodeBru ensures each vital component of a successful campaign is managed:


  1. A targeted email list
  2. A solid campaign
  3. A/B testing until perfection creates a potent email strategy


A targeted email list: an email campaign is only as useful as its audience, and CodeBru knows how to tease email addresses from hundreds of sources.

Email Marketing By The Numbers

A solid campaign: it all starts with a subject line, working in tandem with great copy and a landing page that works. CodeBru has years of experience tweaking factors to come up with the right combination for each client.


A/B testing: comparing two versions of email copy, and seeing which is the most compelling to email users.  CodeBru conducts verifiable testing to give clients confidence that the best version of their message is getting to their potential customers. 

Always on Support

Our help desk is available 24/7 via email to assist you with any questions or issues you may have