Case Study: Three Pronged Marketing Problem

Case Study: Three Pronged Marketing Problem


A top-rated digital marketing and design agency approached CodeBru with a three-pronged optimization challenge.  The client agency needed to improve their website to feature: a streamlined design, the ability for existing personnel to edit the website with ease, heightened security, and the capability to grow along with the agency.  The previous WordPress site did not fit their expanding needs and the agency was without an in-house web developer.  In the absence of internal web development talent, the agency also wasn’t able to provide their clients with a full range of web development services.  This gap in their offering hindered the agency’s ability to expand their client base and business offering.  Finally, the agency needed modernized tools to capture monthly analytical information for their clients –, the agency was working from an Excel sheet which required an average of five (5) working days to complete each month.  This drain on resources kept the agency from allocating the skillsets of their team most effectively.


After thoroughly assessing this agency’s challenge, CodeBru applied a proven UX methodology to solve the agency’s problems, and put the agency back on the path to success.

CodeBru addressed the most urgent issue – the agency’s website – first.   After examining the drawbacks of the previous website and applying knowledge of the agency’ s vision/mission/values and marketing philosophy, CodeBru developed a new design which offers new functionality and features.  CodeBru also researched the agency’s competitor websites, to ensure their digital impact was differentiated and compelling. CodeBru then leveraged its web development experience with the agency to create a structured partnership for delivering a comprehensive suite of web development services to the agency’s clients.

CodeBru then applied troubleshooting techniques to the agency’s existing data collection tools to enhance efficiency and performance.  CodeBru focused on the agency’s Excel template to find process gaps, and used it as the framework for a next generation solution.   Functional upgrades such as automated Google Analytics data downloads were incorporated and user process was improved.


The agency’s new website from CodeBru has all the advantages requested: better design, easy editing, growth potential, and higher security.  As part of their greater rebranding effort, the agency has seen an increase in exposure and potential clients.  Their resources coordinated, CodeBru and the agency continue to team up to ensure the agency’s clients receive the fullest extent of web design product and service offerings.   

With CodeBru’s newly designed data capture tool, monthly analytics projects which formerly took five days now take only ten minutes – freeing up the agency’s resources for other tasks and increasing efficiency.

Website Leads Improvement

Web Development Case Study Graph

Data Collection Tool Upgrade

95.58% increase in efficiency

39.8 man hours reclaimed per week



Marci Broderick

Web Marketing Specialist

I work primarily with Eduard. He is awesome! I know I can rely on him, he is fast and very good.

Nicole Pecaro

Creative Manager for Captivate

CodeBru is extremely reliable. I am able to sleep at night knowing the websites we created are in good hands!

Jesse Johnson

Marketing Specialist for Meeting Tomorrow

CodeBru always impresses me with how quickly they respond to our coding and web design requests. I honestly have no clue how they work so fast!


Research & Discovery

Every project we undertake is unique. To offer the best possible solutions for our valued clients, we take the time to discuss their goals and expectations of their project. After this consultation, we assess their existing web presence to map out a plan of action to meet - or exceed - these goals!

UX Strategy & Design

Using the findings from our Project Assessment, our team of designers and developers collaborate to create a customized end product. Our team upholds the highest standards throughout the entire Implementation and Deployment process and optimizes your digital asset for success!


Our team of developers and designers are savvy and versed in multiple platforms and programming language. If you’re able to dream it, we’re able to build it! Our custom solutions are built to suit, using the platform that is best suited for our clients specific needs.

The Team

Zach Caudill


Zach has been working in the web industry since 2004. He has worked full-time for large companies, startups, small businesses and as a contractor for other web agencies. Zach started CodeBru in 2015 as a system engineer. Now in charge of full-service solutions, Zach leads development efforts and oversees project management.

Sara Jones

Account Support

Sara joined CodeBru in 2015 to provide full service account support and management for our clients. She is the liaison between you and the rest of the team. With superb communication and organizational skills, Sara makes sure everyone is on the same page at all times and maintains lasting relationships.

Ron Sarache


Ron has been working with Codebru since 2016 providing full time graphic design service. Bringing creativity and imagination to the team, Ron loves design challenges and creating new things that amazes the clients. He can design almost anything your imagination comes up with and would love to put your project into a real image.

Eduard Faber

System Engineer

Eduard received his Bachelor of Standardization, Metrology and Certification in 2005, but started learning PHP and site development when was 16. He specializes in hosting and network security and is responsible for database, API and server build.

Rafael Margaryan

Front-end developer

Rafael started learning JavaScript and web development when was 20. In front-end development, he works with JS and CSS frameworks but also has a great understanding of back-end technologies.

Xionary Guerrero

Project Manager

Xionary is the latest addition to the design team. She assists and supports the design team in all communicative tasks. She is the link between the client's idea and the product that the designer delivers. Organization is her motto.

Nicolas Rostov

App Developer

Nicolas started making iOS apps in 2009 and since then he has completed several projects where he developed apps from scratch, improved existing code, and automated business processes with mobile tech. He specializes in converting your vision and its requirements into working code, and to resolve issues in business automation and UX.

Ryan Cybul

Junior Developer

Ryan received his Full Stack Web Development certificate from Northwestern University in 2018. He has a general knowledge both front-end and back-end development and specializes in JS frameworks.

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