BL.INK App & Chrome Extension

BL.INK App & Chrome Extension


Enterprise Link Managment

Austin, TX

What is BL.INK

BL.INK, founded in 2008 (formerly, BudURL), believes that simplicity should also mean power, sophistication and flexibility. We are always adding new features to help our customers thrive in a quickly-changing world. Our customers spend significant amounts to create the perfect assets and customer experiences. Your links are as critical as the destinations.

BL.INK has operated 100% remote since 2010, however our team is based in Austin, Texas. Fueled by great BBQ, better tacos, and rivers of queso, the BL.INK team is passionate about fueling your ingenuity and we’ve got the track record, resources, and moxie to deliver.


BL.INK needed to change the workflow of their iOS app so it works seamlessly with their web portal.  

For the Chrome extension, we needed to design and build from scratch.


The Solution

The iOS App

General improvements and changes were made based on a more complicated workflow to the iOS app.  

The Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension for the client was built as a button on the Chrome toolbar.  CodeBru built the extension from scratch using the UX design team and software engineering team.  The tool creates shortcut links of current URL and works with the clients web portal.  

Preview The BL.INK mobile responsive website above.

How We Did It


Research & Discovery

Every project we undertake is unique. To offer the best possible solutions for our valued clients, we take the time to discuss their goals and expectations of their project. After this consultation, we assess their existing web presence to map out a plan of action to meet - or exceed - these goals!


UX Strategy & Design

Using the findings from our Project Assessment, our team of designers and developers collaborate to create a customized end product. Our team upholds the highest standards throughout the entire Implementation and Deployment process and optimizes your digital asset for success!



Our team of developers and designers are savvy and versed in multiple platforms and programming language. If you’re able to dream it, we’re able to build it! Our custom solutions are built to suit, using the platform that is best suited for our clients specific needs.