Building sites optimized for performance, accessibility, SEO, and more

Building sites optimized for performance, accessibility, SEO, and more

Building a site optimized for Lighthouse scores


Building a website is hard, and making sure it performs well can be even harder. 


Did you know that the average conversion rate of e-commerce sites is 3.5%? That's pretty poor compared to other industries like finance or insurance where we see conversion rates as high as 15%. This means that for every 100 people who visit your site only three will buy something from you! If this isn't bad enough, most websites don't even rank on page one of Google search results. You might have heard about how important SEO (search engine optimization) is but what does it mean exactly? Does it just mean writing blog posts and linking them together with all kinds of keywords? The answer to these questions may surprise you.


At CodeBru we build websites optimized for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps, seo and more - so our clients get the best ROI possible without having to worry about their site not working properly across devices.


Auditing sites with the Google built tool Lighthouse


The open-source auditing tool called Lighthouse, was built by Google and provides important insights on improving performance, accessibility, SEO, and more.  When running an audit with this tool a list of recommendations is made to improve all of the above mentioned.  Not all of the recommendations are able to be made given on how the site was built so keeping in mind of building with a perfect Lighthouse score will enable the developers to optimize the site for performance, SEO, etc.

The big 4: Performance (speed), Accessibility, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), & Progressive Web Apps (PWA) 

Building a modern site requires focusing on four big factors: performance (speed), accessibility, SEO, & progressive web apps.

  1. Performance or page load times has always been important but is relative to the technology of the times.  Today page load times can be made faster than ever.
  2. Accessibility is building a site that accessible to all.  This means being accessible to users with limited sight, hearing, and more.  A whole section can be discussed on this topic but it's important to keep in mind that accessibility is becoming more and more important and Google particularly sees it as important.
  3. SEO or search engine optimization is much more than just making a web page readable to crawlers and having relative content, title tags, etc. It also means focusing on the other 3 areas of performance, accessibility, and PWA.  
  4. Progressive web apps means that your site will work on every device and even offline connections.  Modern technology makes this a lot easier than it did even 4 years ago so there is very little excuse to hit this goal when building a new site.



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