Enriching remote working experiences

Enriching remote working experiences

At Codebru, our dedicated team of digital experts celebrates a remote working culture. We would like to share some strategies for making the most out of remote working, and growing your business while in different timezones all together.

Benefits to Working Remotely
Working remotely is first off great for opening up your schedule to accomplish what you need to throughout your day. Without spending up to two hours commuting per day, this time can be spent getting more work done, taking care of your wellbeing with exercise, or spending more time with your family. You have more liberty to work how and when you want, as opposed to having a fixed time and place to be during the week. As long as you have wifi, you can also travel. Codebru team members have travelled various countries since starting up, and enjoy the freedom to enjoy vacation outside of work.

Strategies for optimizing your remote work experience
You choose the best way to enhance your productivity, with little guidelines on how to do so. Being healthier and happier will always increase your work efficiency and output while you are at your desk. The desk itself takes on new form, as you may be most comfortable working from your living room, or at a standup desk, or even perhaps at a coffee shop or poolside. Spending time in foreign countries with lower cost of living is also an option, as opposed to staying in large urban centers working from anywhere affords you the option to save money and work from relaxed and cheap locations around the world.

How to be productive as a remote working team
Working remotely or from home can have an effect on your daily rhythm, it requires more self control than simply showing up 9 to 5. Generally working remote changes your rhythm to be constantly online and working. In a remote working situation such as with Codebru, you will also find your team members start to be more geographically distributed. Working remotely means you must be ready to work during early or late hours sometimes in order to keep up with your team. To best take advantage of working remotely, having some core hours overlapping with your team mates where you can resolve any ongoing issues is crucial. There is also a matter of balancing your personal life, it is important to explain to your loved ones in the household that when you are working you cannot allow for distractions to effect your focus.

Should you take the plunge to work remotely?

Remote working is a huge lifestyle change, and might not be for everyone. Not all workplaces are adopting remote work yet, but as the future of work continues to unfold we will see more and more industries permitting this. Some employees who have grown accustomed to being in a physical office may have difficulties making the transition. Being able to work remote in modern society is a privilege, and in order to justify it you must show progress in your projects within the company. Codebru values working remote as it allows us to find the most skilled global team members to complete the digital work that astounds our clients on a daily basis.


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