The Impact of Google Lighthouse Score On Your Marketing Strategy

The Impact of Google Lighthouse Score On Your Marketing Strategy

The quality and efficacy of any web page can be amplified using the Google Lighthouse automated tool designed by Google.  This open-source tool is developed to assist web developers in improving the performance, quality, and correctness of any web page.  It provides a bundle of audits including performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO, and progressive web apps.  If you are associated with any larger organization as a marketing professional, it is important to understand the Google Lighthouse Score as it can significantly impact your website’s effectiveness and ultimately your digital marketing efforts.

What is Google Lighthouse Score?

Google Lighthouse Score is a performance metric generated by Google's Lighthouse tool. A series of automated audits are run on the desired webpage by the tool. On completion of audits, a score is assigned between 0 – 100 to provide an overview of the web page’s health and thus identifies areas of improvement.  The score is list for each of the categories including accessibility, best practices, SEO, performance, and progressive web apps.

Why is Google Lighthouse Score Important?

The importance of Google Lighthouse Score can't be understated, especially in a world were user experience is the final verdict!

User Experience: It is reflected through the Google Lighthouse Score of your webpage.  The higher the score, the quicker the page loads and better the accessibility for users with disabilities.  A high score also states that the web follows best practices and is optimized for search engines.  For the webpages, if applicable, it also gives an idea about a progressive web app. 

Search Engine Optimization: The speed and mobile-friendliness along with other parameters are used by Google to rank a page during search results. A good Lighthouse score can contribute to a higher search ranking, leading to more visibility and traffic.

Competitive Edge: It can be achieved through the usage of the Lighthouse tool.  Issues related to performance or user experience can be easily solved based on the insights and scores provided by the Lighthouse tool. Such a proactive approach enables you to cater to a premium website usage experience as compared to your competitors.

The Impact on In-House Marketing Professionals

Being well briefed and aware of the importance of the Google Lighthouse Score as an in-house marketing professional is a MUST for multiple reasons.

Primarily, digital marketing strategies can be planned based on a refined and improved website. For instance, organic traffic can be improved through an SEO-optimized website, whereas a user-friendly and quickly-loading website can provide a thrust to conversion rates.

Decisions taken based on concrete data for the improvement and enhancement of the efficacy of your website can go a long way.  Google Lighthouse Score provides you with scores and data that can help you identify inconsistencies in user experience and the performance of your website.

Last but not least, clear communication with your web development team can be achieved through the understanding of the Google Lighthouse Score.  It helps to have a decisive, dynamic, and constructive association with the team as you will be able to meticulously take up required enhancements and issues about your website with them.

Finally, we can converge on an understanding that the Google Lighthouse Score is an important tool through which you can manage your website optimization.  To support your marketing strategy, achieve exceptional user experience, and better ranking in search engines, understanding the importance and its optimized use is non-negotiable.

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