January Security Alert - 7G Firewall Installed

January Security Alert - 7G Firewall Installed

7G firewall install on client web servers

This January 2023 we discovered hack attempts across the our servers and found out its an issue effecting many websites the last few weeks. 


We are happy to report that we quickly found a solution to help stop these attempts on client websites we serve.


Below we are giving a quick outline of what we did to fix the security issue. 


To stop the attacks we decided to use the 7G firewall: https://perishablepress.com/7g-firewall/


Specifically the version for NGINX because our servers use NGINX for increased website speed: https://perishablepress.com/7g-firewall-nginx/


We decided to install it on all websites we that we support via the servers.


To put it simply, what we installed is a set of rules for the web-server to block known requests that can be counted as "hack attempts".  


This fix helps insure that any hack attempts on client websites we continually service will automatically be blocked.  


If you want to get more up-to-date security alerts, sign up here: https://www.codebru.com/signup


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