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All of our audits include

SEO Audits & Reports
  • Powered by Google Lighthouse
  • Ensure sites are SEO optimized
  • Action recommendations
  • Run content audits
  • Crawling and indexing audits
  • Responsive and manual audits
Titles & Meta Descriptions Audit
  • Missing Title Tags 
  • Homepage meta
  • Posts and pages
  • Taxonomies
  • Archives - author, date, search page
Speed Report
  • Speed report of home page (or other pages if requested)
  • Includes action items to increase speed
Full Schema Support
  • Advanced communication with search engines
  • Create schema types
  • Advanced schema features
  • Add social accounts
  • Run schema tests
  • Select output page
Broken Link Audit
  • Find broken links
  • Offer to fix all broken links quickly
Broken Images & Missing IMG tags
  • Find all broken images
  • Find missing title and alt tags for images
  • Offer to fix all



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