Codebru's Zendesk - Slack App

Codebru's Zendesk - Slack App


The Codebru Slack app integrates with Zendesk to allow clients to open support tickets directly from their Slack workspace. 

The custom code allows our clients to open support tickets directly from Slack without having to leave the chat interface. This is a convenient way for them to get in touch with us, and it also helps to keep all communication in one place. We can quickly and easily respond to any tickets that are opened through this app, and we can track all activity in one central location. This app is another way for us to provide excellent customer service, and it makes it easier for our clients to get in touch with us.

Our app is written in PHP and uses the Slack and Zendesk APIs. When a user types "/codebru" into their Slack chat and hits enter, our app will open a new ticket in our Zendesk account. We use the Slack API to get the user's name and message, and we use the Zendesk API to create the new ticket.

The app can be installed here:


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